Abolfazl Najafi

Civil/Geotechnical Engineer from Isfahan, Iran.

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Educational Background

Master of Science

Iran University of Science and Technology


Geotechnical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering.



Bachelor of Science

Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch


Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Department.



Publications & Presentations

Conference Proceedings

December 2020

Modelling Initial Elastic Modulus of Sand-EPS Mixtures Using Evolutionary Polynomial Regression

39th National Congress and 4th International Congress of Earth Sciences

Authors: S. Lahijani Afkham, M. Hajialilue Bonab, Abolfazl Najafi

April 2020

A polynomial model for predicting shear wave velocity from cone penetration test data

3rd International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Management in Iran

Authors: S. Lahijani Afkham, Abolfazl Najafi


December 2019

CPTu Dissipation Test, Theory to Practice

Iran University of Science and Technology

Presenter: Abolfazl Najafi


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Specialties and Skills

Research Interests

References available upon request.

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